Partner With Us

Do you work in areas related to or affected by digital inclusion? Are you seeking a partner organization with complementary perspectives?

If yes, consider a partnership with AlphaPlus.

To discuss potential areas of collaboration and partnership, contact Christine Pinsent-Johnson at We’ll start with a conversation about your work.

Why Partner With AlphaPlus

One aspect of our work is championing the use of technology in adult education, and we recognize that our work happens in a broader context. By aligning our efforts with like-minded organizations, we can build momentum and support as we seek to create equity and access to learning. 

As a partner, we can offer specialized expertise within adult learning, literacy development and technology integration, serving predominantly marginalized adult learners. We work with partners to:

  • Shed light on the specific ways in which digital inequalities affect adult literacy learners.
  • Develop ideas and potential approaches to help policy-makers, program staff, learners and volunteers to bridge the divide in pragmatic and systematic ways.

Areas of Work

Access to Technology

Literacy practitioners know that limited access to technology can create insurmountable barriers for lifelong learners in Ontario.

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Blended Learning

A blended learning approach is one that extends the application of adult learning principles to meet the changing needs of 21st-century life.

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Improving the Literacy System

Focusing on people rather than systems acknowledges that relationships are a key component of learning outcomes.

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