Technology Resources

Our resources and tools have been curated to help you incorporate digital technology in adult learning. We’ve included tools, best practices and hands-on experiences from within Ontario’s literacy and basic skills (LBS) sector.

How technology can help with teaching

Are you an adult literacy educator considering ways to integrate technology into your teaching? Discover how digital technology can help educators and learners, and get access to guidance and tutorials on using digital tools.

What is differentiated learning?

Read more about differentiated learning and possible activities to do with learners.

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What is disinformation? (activities to do with learners)

Read more about disinformation and possible activities to do with learners.

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How do computer basics fit into a blended learning cycle?

Where can I find computer basics lessons and activities that fit into a digital-skills blended-learning cycle?

Educator Resources

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How technology can help with program administration and delivery

Are you a program manager or co-ordinator? Learn about the different technologies that can support program administration, and access tips and tutorials to strengthen your use of digital tools.

Virtual Showcase: Using social media to reach, teach and connect…

Using social media to reach, teach and connect with learners and partners

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Virtual Showcase: Using OneNote to manage learner files and other…

Using Microsoft OneNote to organize and manage learner files.

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The Digital Inclusion Playbook

The Digital Inclusion Playbook is filled with ideas, information and resources you can use to support local digital inclusion efforts.

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Case Studies

Learn what digital technology has made possible for instructors and administrators working in adult literacy education in Ontario. We’ve featured a selection of program case studies so that you can learn and get inspired. 

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Community Questions

Would you like to know what questions your peers are asking about digital tech? We’ve compiled a list of recent or recurring questions and the answers we’ve provided to programs like yours.

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Useful Apps

Useful Apps presents reviews that cover how the apps could be used for literacy and numeracy learning and to support engagement and motivation as well as program administration, note taking, and collaborative work.

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