Improving the Literacy System

AlphaPlus supports a people-first literacy system that’s equitable, sustainable and provides diverse learning opportunities for adult learners and literacy practitioners.

While our work focuses on supporting educators in creating and discovering excellent uses of technology to enhance learning and to engage learners in imaginative and stimulating ways, it’s grounded in the experiences and aspirations of adult literacy learners.

Focusing on people rather than systems acknowledges that relationships are a key component of learning outcomes.

A people-focused approach benefits everyone.

  • Adult learners have access to high-quality, flexible learning environments and deepen their understanding of the potential of technology.
  • Educators are able to be more responsive to learners’ needs and develop a creative blended learning curriculum.
  • Capacity builders can enable a cohesive system that supports learner-centred outcomes.
  • Funders and policy-makers are able to build relationships and achieve impact.

See how AlphaPlus contributes to a people-first literacy system.

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A people-first literacy education system

LBS Digital Capacity Project (2021-2022)

The Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development (MLTSD) contracted Contact North | Contact Nord and AlphaPlus to: Engage and…


The right strategies for improving the digital capacity of our adult literacy system?

We have identified eight strategies to build a more equitable and inclusive LBS system.


Linkedin Learning Report

Read the report to see what we learned about how LBS practitioners are thinking about professional learning.


Digital Opportunities and Barriers for Ontario’s Disconnected Adults

Wondering what the research says about equitable digital access and learning opportunities for the adults…


Finding Our Way Report (2015)

Finding Our Way: Digital Technologies and E-Learning for Adult Literacy Students, Educators and Programs Literature Scan: 2005-2011, presents a global…


Problem Solving in Technology-Rich Environments: Webinar

The recording is no longer available but you can view the slides.


Problem Solving in Technology Rich Environments: Presentation

The recording is no longer available but you can view the slides.


Voices Speak to the Data: Feedback from Participants in the PIAAC On-line Field Trial

PIAAC On-line is also known by the title The Education and Skills Online Assessment. It…


Incorporating Digital Technologies in Adult Basic Education: Concepts, Practices and Recommendations

The report explores the following four themes: How digital technology is shaping and transforming literacy…


Learning Together with Technologies: Illustrative Case Studies

A report on a short-term project conducted in partnership with four self-selected, community-based, adult literacy agencies in…


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Other Areas of Work

Blended Learning

A blended learning approach is one that extends the application of adult learning principles to meet the changing needs of 21st-century life.

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Access to Technology

Literacy practitioners know that limited access to technology can create insurmountable barriers for lifelong learners in Ontario.

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