Services and Events

Would you like help with using technology to increase the relevance, responsiveness and reach of your adult literacy education program? AlphaPlus offers many ways to help you integrate technology into teaching and program administration.

Our services have been designed specifically for adult literacy educators and administrators in Ontario. We offer opportunities to network and learn from peers, access one-to-one support from technology experts, build technical skills through training, and learn and apply new approaches in communities of practice. Find out how we can help you build confidence, strengthen your organization’s capacity and develop innovative strategies and approaches to incorporating digital technology. 

Quick Tech Help

Are you stuck on a minor technology problem, such as designing a quiz or sharing files in a way that’s accessible but secure? Don’t lose time struggling with digital technology — we can help you address your challenge in minutes by troubleshooting via email or working through your problems over a phone or video call. We specialize in using technology in the adult literacy setting and have probably helped others through the same situation! Contact us to get quick tech help and get unstuck.

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Would you like to work with an expert by your side as you tackle your technology vision or challenge? Find out how an AlphaPlus coach can support you through the process of integrating technology to improve learners’ experiences or advance your business practices.

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Training & Workshops
and Networking Events

Would you like to access learning and skill-building opportunities designed specifically for adult literacy educators and administrators in Ontario? AlphaPlus offers a range of training options. From foundational concepts to timely topics, choose from the current options to support your professional development.

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Custom Solutions

Are you unsure about which AlphaPlus service is the right approach for you? Talk with us about your technology vision, challenge or frustration and we’ll help you move forward in a way that fits your situation. Contact us to set up a consultation and we’ll guide you to the right solution or co-create one with you.

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Contact us to learn how we can help!

In all of our work we take a collaborative approach. We will meet you where you are and find a solution that works for the specific context where you work.

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Case Studies

Learn what digital technology has made possible for instructors and administrators working in adult literacy education in Ontario and how AlphaPlus helped.

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