Research & Advocacy

Research and advocacy support AlphaPlus’s broader goals of building capacity, creating equity and access to learning, and positively impacting adult literacy education practice and learning experiences.


We ground our work in evidence-based, promising research to improve our practice, that of the system and of individual teachers. We conduct and review research that informs adult literacy education, keeping up with trends and integrating new evidence that impacts our field.


To have an adult literacy education system that can properly use technology and achieves positive outcomes, we need to remove barriers and create collaborative solutions. We help literacy programs to advocate for themselves and what they need to support learners, and we align with organizations in other sectors to amplify learners’ voices and strengthen the community supports they need.

Access to Technology 

Learners with limited access to technology face a limited ability to gain knowledge, engage in fundamental activities and access consumer, social and personal benefits. Limited access also prevents people from fully participating in society and voicing their views and opinions. Learn more about the issue of access to technology and our research and advocacy in this area.

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Blended Learning 

Blended learning — a combination of in-classroom and technology-mediated education using devices — enhances and extends the application of adult learning principles to meet the changing needs of people learning, working and engaging in 21st-century life.

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the Literacy System

We’re working toward a literacy system that’s equitable, sustainable and provides diverse learning opportunities — where partners agree on the importance of digital literacy and digital learning for Ontario’s adult learners, and where technology-rich learning is supported financially. Learn more about how we’re advocating for an improved literacy system in Ontario.

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Partner With Us

We’re looking for organizations that would like to align their research and advocacy efforts with ours. Are you seeking to apply research in the literacy and technology field? Have you conducted research that affects the literacy sector? Are you working to create equity and address issues that affect literacy learners? Find out about the types of research and advocacy partners we’re seeking and how we can work together.

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