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How can I co-create a blended learning toolbox?

How can I create an online collaboration space?

Questions about teaching strategies

Virtual Showcase: Using texting to engage with learners 

Using social media to reach, teach and connect with learners and partners

Educator Resources

Community Gabfest: Engaged Learners

Conversations. Come to one. Come to the series. But, always, come as you are.

Educator Resources

Community Gabfest: Emergent curriculum

Conversations. Come to one. Come to the series. But, always, come as you are.

Educator Resources

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Questions about organizing data and information

Virtual Showcase: Using OneNote to manage learner files and other resources

Using Microsoft OneNote to organize and manage learner files.

Administrator Resources

Curated Resources: Create your own collection

We can help you collect and share resources with learners, staff or volunteers.

Educator Resources

Curating Resources in Adult Literacy

Develop curation strategies for teaching and with learners.

Educator Resources

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