Curating Resources in Adult Literacy

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The role of resource curation is an important one and can be overwhelming and time consuming.

AlphaPlus developed this site to help literacy practitioners 

  • develop curation strategies
  • work with learners to develop curation strategies
  • adapt literacy learning starter kits

There are three sections.

  • Curating Resources
    • Tips on finding and choosing resources to use with learners and co-learning resources for working with learners on curation strategies.
  • Curated Lists
    • Lists created by literacy programs and other educators. This set of learning resources can be a starter kit for literacy practitioners curating a set of literacy learning resources.
  • Places to Learn
    • e-Learning lessons, activities and learning pathways that literacy learners can work on independently. The resources are organized by topic. This set of learning resources can be a starter kit for learners curating their own set of literacy learning resources.

If you’d like to learn more about curating resources, contact Tracey, sign up for an Educator Network program or sign up for one-to-one support through Coaching.

  • As an Educator Network participant, you’ll join a cohort of Ontario literacy practitioners in a reflective practice process and have access to both AlphaPlus knowledge and peer experience.
  • AlphaPlus coaches will work with you to create an individualized plan and develop digital learning solutions for the learners in your program.
  • If you get stuck while trying something new, the AlphaPlus Quick Tech Help option can help. 

If you’d like a copy of this site to use as a starting point to adapt and expand for use in your program, please get in touch. AlphaPlus can give you a copy and support you in learning how to use a website builder such as Google Sites or Weebly as online learning spaces for learners, staff and volunteers.