Educator Network 

Learn from and with colleagues in a collaborative, creative, co-learning space. We explore the ways in which a blended learning approach can engage and empower learners and enhance and extend learning.

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Educator Network

If you’d like an opportunity to switch your teacher hat for a learner hat and lean into a blended learning experience about blended learning, the Educator Network is for you.

Learning cohort for adult literacy educators 

Educator Network programs are where you can come together with peers and colleagues to learn from each other and access the research capacity of AlphaPlus. 

Take time to stop and think. The Educator Network uses a reflective practice approach that highlights your experience and knowledge and provides you with time to stop and think. We start with where you are at and work with you to develop a digital toolbox that will enhance blended learning in a way that works best for your program.

As an Educator Network Program participant, you will  explore:

  • blended learning practices — develop a model that works best for the learners you work with 
  • ed tech tools — add new tools to your digital toolbox and/or discover new ways of using familiar tools
  • resource curation techniques — develop strategies to make finding and choosing resources less overwhelming and time-consuming

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The Educator Network at your organization

The Educator Network project has developed and facilitated organization-specific communities of professional learning at the Metro Toronto Movement for Literacy (MTML), the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) and la Coalition ontarienne de formation des adultes (COFA).

Your sessions were a lifesaver. We desperately needed some technical support and you stepped into the breach.

Shelley Lynch, Adult Literacy Instructor,
Essential Skills Upgrading, Toronto District School Board

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The Educator Network enabled me to slow down and reflect on how I have been using technology and how I might improve my usage of it from a pedagogical/andrological standpoint. The course offered both a theoretical basis for using technology along with providing experience using new apps.

Educator Network participant

Participating in the Educator Network helped me to discover many educational tools, collaborate with other instructors, check their ideas and provide feedback. It was an excellent way to reflect on my thoughts on teaching and using digital technology as a learner and a teacher at the same time.

Educator Network participant

I found it really useful, fun and flexible. I got to choose my own combination of video meetings, online coursework, sharing forums, resource lists and documents designed to help me develop my own projects, over 8 weeks of learning.

Educator Network participant

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