Vision, Mission & Values

Our vision, mission and values statements are our declarations of accountability to the people and programs we work with, the literacy field and the not-for-profit sector.


A Canada where all citizens have the necessary literacy and digital skills to actively participate, learn and succeed in the social, political, cultural and economic life of our country.


To help adult education providers understand and adopt digital technology solutions that increase learner success, enhance the education experience, and strengthen organizational capacity and performance.


We strive to be a key player in the Canadian adult education community and are committed to our vision through four key values.

We bring innovative and effective digital technologies to adult learning environments to:

  • Facilitate and enrich effective learning experiences reflective of individual culture, learning style, work strategy and ability.
  • Prepare adult learners at all levels of ability for a future in technology-rich work and educational experiences.

We guide and support adult learning organizations and educators in an era of high-stakes accountability to take control of their digital technology resources and apply them productively to:

  • Use digital technology to access, measure, analyze and modify outcomes of high-impact and individualized programs.
  • Empower community adult education programs and clearly demonstrate their impact within formal accountability structures.

We promote evidence-based practices by ensuring that the comprehensive guidance for teaching, learning and leadership is built on critical analysis and research-based evidence aligned with the guiding principles of adult education.

We use proven tools and strategies to build sustainable organizational change over the long term by:

  • Working hand in hand with adult education providers to create technology-planning road maps.
  • Connecting organizations with new resources and technologies.
  • Using easy-to-understand plain language to support organizations at all levels of technical savvy to integrate new technologies.

Strategic Direction

Learn more about our priorities and how we are working to strengthen the adult literacy field to create accessibility and mobilize blended learning.

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Case Studies

Learn what digital technology has made possible for instructors and administrators working in adult literacy education in Ontario and how AlphaPlus has helped.

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