Our History

From our earliest days, AlphaPlus has championed technology in adult literacy education, helping literacy programs to keep ahead of the curve.

Origins as AlphaCom and AlphaOntario

Our origins trace back to two organizations, AlphaCom and AlphaOntario, that were serving adult literacy programs during the earliest days of computers in offices and before the internet! The AlphaCom Network at George Brown College shared hardware and software with local adult literacy programs and provided an electronic discussion forum for literacy practitioners. AlphaOntario, a Toronto Public Library adult literacy and language training project, provided a library of resources: first in print and, eventually, multimedia. When the two organizations merged in 1998, AlphaPlus was created.

Shifting role based on the needs of adult literacy programs

Mandated to provide information, resources and support services to adult literacy and language training programs, the newly formed “AlphaPlus Centre” began providing services to deaf, Indigenous, francophone, anglophone and second-language-learning communities in Ontario. In 1999, AlphaPlus began delivering web-based training, focusing on online learning environments and content management systems.
AlphaPlus has continuously adapted to the changing environment, the emergence of new technology, the uptake of digital tools within the literacy community and the shifting needs of literacy instructors. We’re proud to have served as a guide for technology exploration, bringing foresight to our sector.

Evolving and learning alongside literacy professionals

We’ve grown and evolved alongside the literacy and basic skills (LBS) field, learning from the programs we support and applying those lessons in our approach. Today, AlphaPlus is Ontario’s only organization focused on helping adult literacy education professionals to incorporate digital technology. Learn about our ambitious goals for the future of adult literacy in Ontario.

Stay Informed

Our blog is where we’ll keep you current, share insights and solutions and let you know what we’re doing to respond to your needs.

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