Quick tech help

Are you stuck on a digital technology problem? When you’re using new technology or using a familiar technology in a new way, that is to be expected! 

Perhaps you are struggling with:

  • Using a new learning management system
  • Designing a quiz within a course
  • Wondering if there’s a widget that can solve your problem
  • Sharing files in a way that’s accessible but secure

Do any of these situations sound familiar? Are you struggling with something else? The digital technology challenge that is causing you to struggle and lose time might be something we can help you fix in a minute. That’s why AlphaPlus is here.

Quick tech help for adult literacy programs in Ontario

AlphaPlus provides free tech help for educators, administrators, and others working in adult literacy programs in Ontario. Our education and technology consultants specialize in using technology in the adult literacy education setting. We’ve probably helped your peers through very similar technology hurdles. 

There’s no need to struggle with technology, because we’re here to help you get unstuck.

How quick tech help works

When you reach out to us for quick tech help, we’ll support you in the format that makes the most sense for your situation – from troubleshooting via email to working through your problems over a phone or video call. We might know the answer right away, and if not, we will figure it out.

“It is just so much easier when someone shows you! I can learn new technology by poking around through online help and experimenting but it goes much more smoothly when someone shows you. Understanding and using Canvas has simplified EVERYTHING!! for myself and my students!”

~ Gordana Polancec-Marin, Essential Skills Upgrading Instructor

Essential Skills Upgrading, Toronto District School Board

Don’t struggle – get the help you need. Request quick tech help by sharing a few details with us. One of our consultants will get in touch with you.