Big Math Flash Cards

Big Math Flash Cards app allows you to flip the card just like a real flash card. It’s simple, visual and easy to use with simple swipes on the screen to help you practice Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division. The front side of the card shows the question and the back side of the card shows the possible answers. Just tap to flip the card. Once you answer the question correctly, flick the card off the screen by swiping up. At the end of your turn you get a percentage score and information on how many questions you got right and the time it took you to complete the turn.  


  • Option to select if you want to doAddition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division
  • Simple interface suitable for adults
  • Randomly generated numbers
  • Great for learners to practice their math skills, especially if looking for drill activities
  • Score percentage and elapsed time displayed at the end
  • Number of questions and difficulty levels can be configured
  • Selectable flash card colour themes
  • Turn all sounds on or off


  • In-app purchases
  • Can become repetitive after a while




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