Mobi POS

This point of sale app has been developed for the food and service industry. It records transactions between customers and the point of sale (restaurant or retail). A literacy program could use this app to familiarize learners with point of sale software used in restaurants and stores.  


  • The free version is already loaded with restaurant menu items.
  • It is an authentic app used by businesses.
  • A restaurant dining room table layout is available and can be edited.
  • Some customization is possible (adding new menu items for example).
  • An extensive help guide is available to support the use of the app.
  • No Internet connection is required.


  • The free app is limited to 30 items and 10 transactions per day.
  • Instructors will need to familiarize themselves before using it with learners.
  • The app offers 3-months plans. Subscribing to a plan will be necessary in order to be able to do more than 10 transactions per day.




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