Wunderlist is a simple to-do list and task manager application that helps you get organized. It can be used to create and manage various to-do lists. The lists, such as a grocery list or travel packing list, can be shared with and updated by others as well. Images and files can be attached plus due dates and reminders can be set to help you with deadlines. This App instantly syncs between phones, tablets and computers. Wunderlist is also available as a website at wunderlist.com  


  • A great and visual way to stay organized
  • Folders can be set up to group lists together
  • Due dates and reminders can help you stay on track
  • Each item/task can have a subtask, note or file added
  • Sharing option allows you to collaborate with others on the projects, shopping lists or travel plans
  • Great for instructors and administrators to manage information and stay organized
  • Great for learners to help create to do lists and manage their learning (for example homework)
  • Available on all types of devices even Kindle Fire.


  • You have to create and account (for the system to save and sync wth other devices)
  • No option to create simple notes (without checkmarks)




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