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Our technology consultants are available on the phone, via chat, or email. But we love getting out in the community to learn more about the organizations we serve.

Site visits and in-house training workshops are where we learn about your clever technology solutions and time saving hacks in action.

Check out this terrific tip we learned from an LBS program we visited this quarter.

The Too Many Passwords Hack

Technology lets us work faster, smarter and from anywhere. But it also means setting and remembering dozens of secure passwords to access our work and media.

During a site visit, the AlphaPlus technology team learned a valuable hack for creating secure and easy to recall passwords: create passwords using your favourite song.

The Hack:
Use the first letter of each word in the title of a memorable song, saying, or poem to create an easy to remember password.

Need special characters? Add them at the end of your sequence for simplicity.

For example:
If you use a saying like, “Those who wish to sing, always find a song.”

Your password becomes:

                                 Basic: twwtsafaas

                                 Special Characters: twwtsafaaS!*

For longer passwords, repeat your favorite line twice or list your characters forwards and then backwards.



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