180 Technology Tips

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I just have to share this simple but brilliant resource. 180 Tech Tips consists of 180 free 5 minute computer lessons emailed to you one day at a time from September to June.

I signed up back in September and look forward to my tip of the day, every day, and these clear, non-techie explanations of everthing from Copy and Paste like you mean it (no.9) to “Anatomy of a Web Address (no.12) on to Where is my toolbar? (no.71) and Password Pandemonium (no.14) have made me a much more confident and effective  computer user – I literally learn something new every day!!

All you need to do to get your daily Tech Tip is to click on 180 Tech Tips – click on Sign Up Now – enter your email address and look forward to receiving your first tip tomorrow….

Update: Here’s the 180 Tips sign off: www.180techtips.com/180.html

This final technology tip is a reminder to continue learning, experimenting and enjoying new technologies. Keep searching and exploring the internet, computers, and all the new wonders that they are making possible.

Here are two current sites from their list of where to keep learning: Free Technology for Teachers and How Stuff Works

The other sites are no longer current (September 2022) but these two have some good archival material:



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