Technology coaching service

The only provincial agency of its kind, AlphaPlus bridges the gap between an organization’s current digital resources and new adult learning technologies and tools.
We work hand in hand with a broad range of adult education providers to responsively support the integration of digital learning solutions. Our one-on-one coaching services are delivered using an organization-centred approach to connect organizations at the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels with new resources and technologies.

Types of coaching services offered

  1. IT support – responding to ad hoc technology-related requests.
  2. IT planning – activities related to the development of an organizational IT plan and strategy that is incorporated into the broader organizational strategy.
  3. Training – scheduled training sessions that are specific to an application, tool, website or other digital technology and are intended to improve the administration of adult literacy education. It involves the acquisition of specific skills.

Through coaching services, adult education service providers can work to update their current technology systems and integrate new technology tools to advance their business practices, enhance program delivery and improve learners’ experiences.
Our experienced education consultants bring their knowledge of emerging tech trends and an understanding of the challenges facing the broader adult education sector.

The coaching cycle

The first step in the coaching cycle is for our education consultants to meet with adult education service providers to discuss their needs and develop a service plan. Working together, organizational teams and coaches take inventory of existing and required resources and services offered. They develop a customized service plan to improve organizational capacity with short-term, intermediate and long-term goals.
Once a service plan is established, education consultants provide training and support to enhance classroom learning, administrative activities, technological capacity and service co-ordination. Whether it’s training on online security and private information-sharing tools, identifying apps and software, or simplifying tracking and data management systems, our education consultants are available to help.
At the end of each coaching cycle, adult education teams and their education consultant will work together to complete an exit report outlining their initial objectives, progress and outcomes of their work.

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