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What do we mean by digital literacy development opportunities?

July 13th, 2021 by Christine Pinsent-Johnson

Digital literacy is a tricky concept to pin down. It can mean many things to different organizations and people. Rather than interpret it with a static definition, we describe the more actionable consequences of an equitable, sustainable and effective adult learning system that provides learners with comprehensive digital literacy development opportunities. To fully realize these […]

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Exploring the use of HyperDocs in LBS

June 4th, 2021 by Christine Pinsent-Johnson

Last spring, did you scramble to figure out ways for learners to access instructional materials from paper files, workbooks, readers and binders? We learned that paper packets were produced for some learners, especially those who didn’t have the right device, enough data and experience to access instructional activities on a computer. We also learned that […]

Le passage soudain à la prestation à distance en AFB

November 30th, 2020 by Christine Pinsent-Johnson

AlphaPlus a récemment publié un rapport de sondage sur la façon dont les gens qui œuvrent dans le système d’alphabétisation et de formation de base (AFB) de l’Ontario ont réagi aux fermetures dues à la COVID-19 au printemps 2020. Bien que les principales constatations ne nous aient pas surpris, nous sommes inquiets des inégalités dans le […]

The Sudden Shift to Remote Delivery in LBS

 by Christine Pinsent-Johnson

AlphaPlus recently released a survey report that looked at how people working in Ontario’s Literacy and Basic Skills (LBS) system responded to COVID-19 shutdowns in the spring of 2020. Although we weren’t surprised by the main findings, we’re concerned about the inequities in the LBS system. Currently, it’s unable to ensure all learners have the […]

When the Digital Divides Us: International Literacy Day is a time for Action

September 8th, 2020 by Christine Pinsent-Johnson

Literacy has never been just about reading and writing, it’s also about access to information, civic participation, and opportunities. Digital access has become intertwined with literacy, especially during this public health crisis when so many of our activities and services have moved to online-only points of access. The ongoing crisis has laid bare the digital […]


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