Planning your digital toolbox

What people are saying about Planning your digital toolbox:

One of the great things about a course like this is that we find out about things we didn’t even realize we needed!  My toolbox is growing, and the more I learn, the more tools I will have available when I need them.

I learned about some new-to-me tools and was prompted to closely evaluate reasons for and methods of using those tools to enhance and expand learning.

It was very convenient to have the option to participate asynchronously, so that I could still take part even if I was teaching learners and could not attend scheduled meeting times.

You can join any time.

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Who is Planning your digital toolbox for?

Do you work in an adult literacy program in Ontario?

Are you looking to add to your toolbox of digital resources?

Is there a blended learning outcome you would like to achieve and you’d feel more confident if you could work through it in a guided setting?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Planning your digital toolbox is for you.

What is Planning your digital toolbox?

Planning your digital toolbox is six self-directed, reflective-practice modules for exploring digital technology tools and resources that will enhance and expand learning in your program.

As a Planning your digital toolbox participant, you will

  • Plan, experience and evaluate blended learning approaches; and
  • Increase your confidence in applying blended learning practices.

We have a collaborative option for those who would like to share ideas and experiences with a cohort – Educators Network (e-Net)

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