Protopage – a personalized page for your favourite news, posts, links, to-do lists, bookmarks and sticky notes

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Protopage is a personalized page and RSS reader (accessible from any computer or mobile device) that allows you to collect and easily access your own selection of news sites and blogs.

It is super easy to use – you can add any feed you want with the Add Widgets button on top of the page, or you can drag content right onto the desktop.

This is a great tool for anyone interested in having a page with various links, resources and RSS feeds. Learners can benefit from using Protopage as well. It can help them manage their schedules and quickly find links and resources from any location at any time.

With Protopage, you can arrange and re-size things as you wish. You can add other applications such as calendars, Twitter feeds, to-do lists, bookmarks and sticky notes. Protopage also offers an audio and video podcast function and colour-coded tabs and categories to organize information.

Maria, from AlphaPlus, started using Protopage in 2013 when her favourite Google Reader was discontinued. Now Protopage has become her absolute favourite tool. Part of Maria’s job at AlphaPlus is to try to stay on top of issues and trends related to digital technology for teaching and learning. To do that, she needs to scan and read many sites and blogs on a daily basis and that’s where the RSS reader comes in.

Using Protopage, Maria can save all the feeds she needs to see right on her desktop. Below is a screen capture of part of her Protopage. When she finds a site or blog she wants to follow, she clicks Add Widgets on top of her Protopage, pastes the URL of a site she is interested in and Presto! The feed appears on her Protopage and it gets updated as new content is added to the site.



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