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These frameworks were developed to help educators design and develop technology-rich learning environments. The frameworks help us determine the level of technology integration in the learning environment and evaluate if the technology is enhancing, extending and/or transforming learning.

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These are the Frameworks described on the website

  • Designing for Learning Outcomes
    • A blended learning framework – ISTE Standards for Students
    • A computer basics framework – Northstar Digital Literacy Framework
    • A computer basics / blended learning framework – Maryland Department of Labor Digital Literacy Framework for Adult Learners
    • A roadmap to reach the City of Seattle’s vision to become a more digitally equitable city, where technology’s opportunities equitably empower all residents and communities – Seattle Digital Equity Initiative Digital Skills Framework
  • Designing for Learning Experiences
    • The Technology Integration Matrix
    • The Triple E Framework
  • Thinking about Teaching Innovation
    • The SAMR Model – SAMR = Substitution – Augmentation – Modification – Redefinition and describes a way to think about the result of integrating digital technology for learning into a curriculum.
    • The LoTi Framework – Levels of Teaching Innovation – This is a Teaching Innovation Framework that is similar to SAMR but includes a resource for reflecting on how different learning activities fit into the framework.
  • Designing for Modes of Learning
    • Bloom’s Taxonomy – Some people have done some work to align the Bloom’s Taxonomy learning domains to SAMR.
    • HEAT – H.E.A.T Framework = Higher-order thinking – Engaged learning – Authentic connections – and Technology use is a student learning framework that describes what learners are doing at different levels of digital technology integration with reference to Bloom’s Taxonomy.

Blended Learning Research

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