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Virtual Showcase: Planing a Lesson (PAL) project

In this showcase, we introduced the AlphaPlus PAL project.

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PAL – A Lesson Planning Companion for LBS Practitioners

PAL is for LBS practitioners who seek to plan engaging lessons that help hone learner skills by purposefully integrating technology…

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Open educational resources (OER) collection

Explore our fully vetted collection of workbooks, modules and activities that address a range of instructional topics.

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Where can I find computer basics lessons and activities?

A collection of resources to support learners trying to “catch up” on some foundational digital skills.

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Open educational resources (OER) library

Supplement published workbooks with free and reproducible PDF workbooks, interactive digital activities, online courses and Slides lessons.

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Blended learning delivery models

These models are the curriculum planning frameworks in action.

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Blended learning curriculum frameworks

The frameworks help us evaluate if the technology is enhancing, extending and/or transforming learning.

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Digital technology for learning website

Frameworks, approaches and theoretical foundations relevant to adult literacy.

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Position Paper on Blended Learning in Adult Education

This position paper describes our understanding of blended learning, its benefits and how adult basic education programs can be (re)conceptualized…


From binders to HyperDocs

A HyperDoc is a teaching and learning tool that helps you organize content and instructional activities.

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Resources for online and offline learning

A collection of shareable, free and high-quality learning materials. 

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Digital Technology Readiness

A resource for learners who are getting ready for post-secondary education. Plus some basics.

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