What is Reflective Practice?

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What is reflective practice?

“Reflective teaching is the practice of colleagues joining together to observe and analyze the consequences for student learning of different teaching behaviors and materials in order to gain insights that will result in the continuous evaluation and modification of pedagogy.”
Chapter 11: Professional Development and Reflective Practice By William Powell 

  • Are you thinking about how you can respond to the ways that digital technologies are changing how we learn, work and engage in daily life?
  • Are you wondering about how a new resource, methodology or approach is working for learners?

Reflective practice can help us think through these questions and arrive at solutions.

Would you like to learn more about reflective practice?

AlphaPlus has created a website with a collection of reflective practice resources to support literacy educators develop a reflective process that works for them and the people they work with.

Would you like to engage in reflective practice with an AlphaPlus coach or a cohort of literacy practitioners?

  • AlphaPlus coaches will work with you to create an individualized professional learning plan.
  • As an Educator Network Blended Learning Program participant, you’ll join a cohort of Ontario literacy practitioners in a reflective-practice process and have access to both AlphaPlus knowledge and peer experience.

In the Educator Network Blended Learning program and Planning Your Digital Toolbox, participants have the option of working through the Reflections on teaching with digital technology workbook. Join us or try it our with your colleagues (sign in to a Google account and make a copy).

If you’re interested in using a reflective practice process to plan and explore digital technology for learning, please contact Tracey or the AlphaPlus coaches.

If you’d like a copy of the Reflective Practice for Literacy Practitioners site to use as a starting point to adapt and expand for use in your program, please get in touch. AlphaPlus can give you a copy and support you in learning how to use a website builder such as Google Sites or Weebly as online learning spaces for learners, staff and volunteers.