Sample PS – TRE Activity for Employment Goals

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These Essential Skills Ontario (the Ontario anglophone stream organization from 1987 to 2015) sample activities were developed to introduce learners and practitioners to the concept of problem solving within technology rich environment (PS – TRE).

While there are a number of considerations for PS – TRE, the three core dimensions of PS – TRE are:

  • A task or problem to solve
  • Consideration of technologies through which the problem can be solved
  • A process by which the problem is solved

These sample tasks are aligned with the OALCF (Ontario Adult Literacy Curriculum Framework) in that they demonstrate a task – based approach, where goal related tasks and learning activities reflect actual real world use and purposes and reflect a learner’s needs and interests and that demonstrate that they can achieve desired results by drawing on their own toolbox of digital technologies and mental processes. PS – TRE assumes that basic digital and technical skills are already known and they are considered a prerequisite for successful resolution of a problem or task.


Sample PS-TRE Activity for Employment Goals

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