Since many learners have access to mobile phones and use them on a daily basis, literacy programs started using texting to engage with their clients.

Jane Wouda, the Lead Instructor at the Training & Learning Centre of Renfrew County talked to us about the software they use at the program and the benefits/changes they have noticed.

Paul Crane, Founder and CEO of Local Text Marketers provides texting software (including a custom phone number to display when sending a text). Paul demonstrated how CONNECTsms works and answered our questions about texting tools.

Are you wondering whether your next technology purchases should be laptops or tablets?

What operating system (Apple, Android, Windows) would work best in your program? 

Should you buy a new device or would refurbished devices meet all of your needs in both the short and long term?

Purchasing devices is an expensive endeavour, and there’s a myriad of options to choose from. AlphaPlus can help you plan and choose devices that best suit your needs and fit into your budget.

We can: 

What is a learning management system (LMS)?

An LMS is a platform that provides tools and resources for educators to create interactive multimedia activities and lessons in an online environment that can be facilitated, self-directed and/or collaborative. Most LMSs allow participants and facilitators to create schedules, track progress, communicate with each other and in groups, and provide and respond to feedback.

If you learn one LMS, your skills and knowledge as a learner, creator or facilitator can be easily transferred to another LMS.

Choosing an LMS

AlphaPlus can help you choose an LMS for use in your program.

We can: 

Here are examples of charts we made to help programs choose between LMSs:

Supporting the use of LMSs in Ontario literacy programs

AlphaPlus supports Ontario literacy practitioners in the use of LMSs to create blended or remote learning opportunities for literacy learners, staff and volunteers.

AlphaPlus supports practitioners who are using Moodle. Get in touch if you want coaching or need some guidance when you get stuck. 

AlphaPlus coaches also support Ontario literacy practitioners who have access to Brightspace (by Desire to Learn, now D2L), Blackboard and/or Google Classroom. 

AlphaPlus has developed expertise in a robust, free, ad-free LMS called Canvas (by Instructure), which is being used by an increasing number of programs. 

AlphaPlus has advanced the use of Moodle since 2007 because it’s a free, open-source, community-based learning management system (LMS) that’s designed using sound, democratic pedagogical principles.

We support practitioners who are using Moodle. Get in touch if you want coaching or need some guidance when you get stuck. 

Our Educator Network (eNet) and Planning Your Digital Toolbox courses use Moodle. 

AlphaPlus hosts the Moodle websites listed below:

Online classrooms and courses for adult learners

Online classrooms and courses for educators

The barrier to using Moodle for many programs is the cost of hosting and support. 

AlphaPlus can help you choose an alternative for use in your classroom or program.

These energizing and inspiring Zoom sessions showcase how innovative Ontario literacy program workers and instructors use digital tools and approaches to connect and work with learners and colleagues remotely.

Each session features guest presenters who share their approaches, strategies and tips followed by a Tech Q&A to explore some of the digital tools mentioned during the session.

Yet another inspiration to try something new to help my learners!

There is a vast amount of knowledge out there and to be able to listen to how people are using the various apps/tools was very informative.

It was such an informative couple of hours. Many bits of information stood out. The sharing of information was so exceptional.

AlphaPlus technology coaches can give your old laptops new life with a Chromebooks makeover (part of the Chromium OS Conversion Project). Chromium OS is the open-source development version of Chrome OS, a Google operating system (OS) that Chromebooks use. A free Operating System, Chromium converts old PC desktops and laptops into state-of-the-art CloudReady devices that work much like Chromebooks. That means outdated systems can be retooled with Chromium OS, including powerful Google Apps and tools. Join us for a webinar that provides an overview of Chromebooks and CloudReady converted laptops put to use at adult literacy programs.

Google Chrome – a web browser with apps and extensions

The recording is unavailable but you can view the slides.

Use Apps in your literacy classroom.

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