Highway Workplace

August 31st, 2007 by Administrator

Baseball     I  am an avid baseball fan and a lover of baseball lore. So when someone told me about a display of images about the history of baseball in Canada  in the Community Memories exhibition at the Virtual Museum of Canada I rushed right over.

The museum is free, easy to get to and a delight to visit… just  CLICK and you’re there… … You will find over 500 virtual exhibitions and Community Memories Exhibits from every corner of Canada, 420,000 images over 150 interactive games.  While I was strolling through the museum I found an absolutely wonderful exhibition called the Highway Workplace  The History of Canadian Trucking   mounted by the Workers Arts and Heritage Centre


The exhibition is packed with the most amazing information about trucking in Canada. Everything from the The History of Canadian Trucking  to Stories of truckers, Unions and Trucking in Canada  and in the What it takes section,  a virtual tour of a “big rig” and a highly entertaining online game, “The Highway  Workplace Challenge”

Check out this enjoyable and information packed exhibition with students in your literacy program. I guarantee that everyone will enjoy it and everyone will learn something new.

The Virtual Museum of Canada is a treasure house of our history and heritage and well worth many visits…


Enjoy !!