Community Gabfest: The Best Program

On February 9, 2023 AlphaPlus hosted another in our series of Community Gabfests.

We started by asking people about where they like to learn best.

The conversation starter was: If there were no barriers to running a program, what program would you want to run?

We talked about

  • If you had the freedom to create your ideal learning place, what would it be like?
  • If learners had the freedom to create their ideal learning place, what would it be like?
  • How does the tension between dreaming big and working within the constraints of reality strengthen and/or weaken programming?

We moved into break out rooms to discuss the three questions.

Here is what the groups shared on the Jamboard.

We wrapped up by thanking each other for their contributions and generosity.

  • Amazing session everyone. Thank you for your ideas and support!
  • What a creative group of problem solvers.
  • The enthusiasm is encouraging and infectious.
  • Being with people who understand what we do is invigorating.
  • Has anyone suggested changing the name? The word ‘gab’ gives me a connotation of idle chitchat, which doesn’t reflect the inspiring conversations that occur. Maybe Community Conversations, or something…