Retirement Announcement, Maria Moriarty

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Maria received the CUPE National Literacy Award in 2017.

Our dear colleague Maria Moriarty, longtime AlphaPlus technology coach and librarian, will be moving on to other endeavours following her retirement this March. Throughout her more than 20 years with AlphaPlus, Maria worked with dedication to support the work of literacy practitioners.

She was first hired to help create the library collection and develop our library services and has gone on to work on projects to support and encourage a research culture within the LBS field. With the increased presence of technology, Maria helped us better understand digital technology’s place in adult education and, visionary as she is, helped us reflect on its impact and the opportunities it offered. Today, each AlphaPlus team member is sharing a personal message of appreciation to Maria.

I was at the beginning of my career as a librarian when I started to work with Maria. She warmly welcomed me, encouraged every step I took and helped me think outside the box. I couldn’t have asked for a better mentor! I wish you lots of fun ahead, Maria. I will miss your great sense of humour.

A kind and supportive colleague, a fantastic mentor, Maria has been there with us through it all and we will really, really miss her! Thank you, Maria, for your ongoing encouragement and guidance over the years! Happy retirement! 

I first met Maria in St. John’s, Newfoundland, at the launch of the heady research-in-practice days. We laughed and raged together all week and have continued to do so in almost all the weeks since then. As Maria says, “Learning is becoming,” and what we all learn from Maria helps us become stronger, smarter and more empathetic. She reminds us that seeking knowledge and seeking justice are essentially intertwined in this work that we love. She is our role model and we can’t wait to see what is next for our beloved colleague and collaborator.

As the newest member of the AlphaPlus team, I truly regret not having the chance to work with Maria longer. During any conversation, she always makes me laugh and think deeper. You are an inspiration!

In the previous century, with the forced merger of our separate employers, my early encounters with Maria were like those in an awkwardly blended family of stepchildren. She had to first knock off some of my sharp corners, blockhead that I was, to build trust. I quickly could not have wished for a stronger colleague. Maria led by example and her insights shaped my values and perspectives on social justice and the labour movement. Maria is a gifted librarian with an insatiable curiosity and critical eye for the examination of new ideas. These talents will be sorely missed and impossible to replace at AlphaPlus. You can be no luckier than to have such an extraordinary and kind librarian as a friend and co-worker.

The AlphaPlus team, management and the board of directors sincerely thank Maria for her work, contributions and commitment, and wish her great success in her future endeavours.



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