Join us for the June 18 Virtual Showcase – Planning a Lesson (PAL) project: What’s involved in creating an LBS lesson that flows?

Join us on June 18 for a showcase about the PAL propject. Register today.


AI to Create and Manage Learning Activities

Join us for the next 3-week series starting May 1, 2024.


Digital Accessibility for Educators

Check back here soon to see the 2024-2025 dates.


Literacy education’s future: AI, accessibility and other ways forward

Recent digital transformations have shifted our approach from promoting the idea of integrating digital technology to collaborating with educators in…

Leadership Letters

February 8, 2024 Community Gabfest: Teachers as Learners

Community Gabfests are Zoom gatherings for literacy educators. Click to learn more.



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Unlock the full potential of Microsoft 365 for education

Join us for an 8-week afternoon series starting March 5.


Starting October 11: Building digital skills with Google workshop series

Six-week online training series for adult literacy instructors and tutors starts October 11.


Educator Makerspace 2023 starts October 16

At the AlphaPlus Educator Makerspace, we combine the craft of teaching with newer technologies to make things that elevate teaching…


Register for two Spring AlphaPlus Virtual Showcases

Two new AlphaPlus Virtual Showcases on May 23 (Using OneNote) and June 20 (Using social media)


Starting April 25: Learning more about Google Classroom workshop series

New three-week online training series for adult literacy instructors and tutors starts April 25.


Real talk as Community Gabfest pilot continues

Did you see the Community Gabfest announcement in December 2022 and wonder what it was all about?