Educator Makerspace 2023 starts October 16

At the AlphaPlus Educator Makerspace, we combine the craft of teaching with newer technologies to make things that elevate teaching…


October 19, 2023 Community Gabfest: Engaged Learners

Community Gabfests are Zoom gatherings for literacy educators. Click to learn more.


Planning Your Digital Toolbox starting anytime that is convenient for you

Six self-directed reflective-practice modules that you can work through at your own pace. Click to learn more.


ARCHIVE: March 9, 2023: Community Gabfest

Community Gabfests are Zoom gatherings for literacy educators. Click to see more.


Time to Stop and Think

Here are some opportunities to stop and think about technology and teaching that AlphaPlus is offering in Fall 2022.



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The Educator Network at the TDSB: Now I’m doing laps…

Educator Network Story: Toronto District School Board

Case Studies

Quick Tech Help: Adapting rapidly with technology

Quick Tech Story: Pandemic Response

Case Studies

Google Slides helps students develop multiple skills independently

Quick Tech Help Story: Prince Edward Learning Centre (PELC)

Case Studies

What We Learned From You!

During a site visit, the AlphaPlus learned a valuable hack for creating secure and easy to recall passwords.