Time to Stop and Think

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Do you ever wish that you had time to stop and think?

We all do, especially after the hurly-burly of the pivot to remote learning during pandemic lockdowns and the pivot back to the blended and hybrid models that programs developed to meet the needs of new learners who joined during the pivot and returning learners who were unable to connect remotely.

Here are some opportunities to stop and think about technology and teaching that AlphaPlus is offering this fall: two collaborative learning spaces, two self-directed learning spaces and the results of our new maker space project

Two collaborative learning spaces

Educator Network (eNet)

ENet is where literacy practitioners collaborate to evaluate blended learning approaches, tools and resources that enhance and expand learning.

Join our next cohort starting October 25. Contact tracey@alphaplus.ca to sign up.

ENet also happens in French. This year, we are working with COFA (Coalition de Ontarienne de Formation des Adultes) to deliver eNet sessions. 

Contact guylaine@alphaplus.ca to find out more.

Wayfinders Community Gabfests

Conversations. Come to one, come to the series.

Learn more here: Wayfinders Studio: Community Gabfests 

Save the dates.

  • September 27, 2022, from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m.
  • October 27 and November 24, 2022 (times to be determined)
  • January 12, February 9 and March 9, 2023 (times to be determined)

Contact tracey@alphaplus.ca to sign up.

Two self-paced, self-directed learning spaces

Planning Your Digital Toolbox

Planning Your Digital Toolbox is for people who prefer a self-paced eNet experience. 

“I learned about some new-to-me tools and was prompted to closely evaluate reasons for and methods of using those tools to enhance and expand learning.”

This reflective practice opportunity takes place in six self-paced modules in Moodle. People who complete the activities report that it takes them about 24 hours.

Join anytime. Contact tracey@alphaplus.ca to sign up.

Wayfinders Studio Website

People often tell us that some of the best learning happens in the ad hoc conversations they have with other practitioners in hallways or in breakout rooms at conferences. How can we mobilize the knowledge that we would share amongst ourselves in those informal settings? Explore The Wayfinders Studio to see what others are doing and thinking about.

In 2021, AlphaPlus interviewed facilitators about how they applied their knowledge of content, pedagogy and technology during the pivot to remote learning. See more here: Wayfinders Studio: Pivot to Remote Learning.

And something we are working on

Wayfinders Studio Maker Space

This summer, we are working with practitioners in a digital storytelling maker space to create multimedia Wayfinder Studio stories. We hope that the things the Wayfinders create will inspire other educators as they explore, experiment and become Wayfinders themselves. See updates here: Wayfinders Studio: Maker Space

If you are interested in joining future Wayfinders projects, contact tracey@alphaplus.ca 



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