Educator Makerspace 2023 starts October 16

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Are you a teacher who enjoys exploring and experimenting with how digital technology can enhance learning in creative ways? Then the Alphaplus Educator Makerspace is for you.

A makerspace is a place where people come together to create or invent things, either using traditional crafts or technology. At the AlphaPlus Educator Makerspace, we combine the craft of teaching with newer technologies to make things that elevate teaching and learning. 

Each year we choose a theme and a technology that matches that theme. This year our theme is Empowered Learning and our technology is H5P, an activity creation tool. We will create interactive activities from your favourite resources or you can choose a resource from our Open Education Resources library.

You will attend six 90-minute online workshops at a time that works for our group to

  • learn to use an activity creation tool
  • create dynamic activities that provide learners with choice and feedback 
  • learn about how to find, evaluate and adapt Open Education Resources
  • assess the makerspace experience as a possible practice in your own teaching

Learn more about makerspaces and our plans for the Fall here: The AlphaPlus Educator Makerspace.

Join us starting October 16 to exercise your creativity in a facilitated, collaborative environment.

Here is what participants said about Makerspace 2022:

  • The stimulation of being in a group of curious, congenial educators/lifelong learners; the access to an excellently curated bank of resources and expert coaching thanks to Guylaine and Tracey; the flexibility of project direction, pacing and final product deadline, which in my case likely made the difference between not finishing and creating something I was happy to share.
  • The Wayfinder’s experience is an ongoing mission, as part of a fun and motley crew, to discover what is important and what is needed in my work with adult learners. The chance to experiment with tools that can make a true difference in my practice. The opportunity to uncover, connect with, and share the stories of our teaching and learning.
  • It is a guide or a map for processing your understanding, beliefs and ideas about educating and learning. It provides a flexible structure, plenty of resources or tools, and questions that inspire reflection about why you do what you do, and how you do it… some ways it is a means to creatively evaluate your own “process” and present it to others.
  • I’m really grateful for the chance to participate in this program.  It has definitely helped me feel less isolated as an educator, and more aware and a part of the professional literacy network across Ontario. Also, viewing this experience as an adult learner, this was one of the few times I have felt fully supported and accommodated in a learning project, based on my own needs, preferences, and life situation, which is hilariously ironic but a big factor in my enjoyment and the quality of my outcomes.


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