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Blended learning

What are Synchronous and Asynchronous learning?

Defintions: Designing blended learning often includes choosing when to use synchronous learning and when to use asynchronous learning for the…

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Blended Learning Collection

Our Position Paper on Blended Learning online and a collection of related resources.

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Blended learning delivery models

These models are the curriculum planning frameworks in action.

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Blended learning curriculum frameworks

The frameworks help us evaluate if the technology is enhancing, extending and/or transforming learning.

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Digital technology for learning website

Frameworks, approaches and theoretical foundations relevant to adult literacy.

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Position Paper on Blended Learning in Adult Education

This position paper describes our understanding of blended learning, its benefits and how adult basic education programs can be (re)conceptualized…


Blended Learning and the Four Cs in LBS

An infographic describing the four Cs of blended learning: creativity, communication, collaboration and using critical thinking skills to construct knowledge…

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What Is Blended Learning?

AlphaPlus staff worked with Audrey Gardner and Matthias Sturm on a paper that describes blended learning in literacy and basic…

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Skills at Work: Guide to Blended Learning

This resource is a guide to using a blended approach to learning. The guide focuses on bringing the best resources,…

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