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Unraveling your program’s technology challenges with support from an AlphaPlus coach

30 June 2023

Learn how one-to-one coaching helped a coordinator build a new, easier-to-maintain website using Google Sites, regain control of email accounts and establish digital security procedures.

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Strengthening capacity, co-creating with literacy educators

This year, AlphaPlus has been exploring ways to strengthen the network of adult literacy educators in Ontario. This has included…

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Teaching skills for success in an integrated way

One of the first initiatives we’ve rolled out to support the Skills for Success model is our Building Digital Skills…

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Teaching in the “new normal”: What support do you need?

As you grapple with the challenges of the “new normal,” remember that AlphaPlus is here to help.

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In-person is the core of adult digital learning

The report highlights the importance of digital skills and digital literacy and four areas of opportunity and potential action.

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Exploring new opportunities to support an altered adult literacy sector

AlphaPlus is here to support our sector’s most promising innovations as we move forward together.

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Questioning our ideas about inclusion – and asking for your input

As we work toward creating sector-wide change, we’d like to learn from you, our peers in the adult literacy sector.

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