Virtual Showcases: Building community connections to share, learn and grow together

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Our Virtual Showcase sessions are designed to feature innovative programs and instructors who are using digital tools and approaches to connect and work with learners and colleagues remotely. 

Why Virtual Showcases?

When we started, we were still in the pandemic mode, with many instructors and co-ordinators feeling isolated, frustrated and often unsure about using technology and digital tools to reach and inspire learners, or effectively share and collaborate online with team members. Since our coaching team has worked with innovative programs and amazing instructors over the years, we saw first-hand their interesting approaches, unique designs and exemplary uses of digital tools. This inspired us to shine a spotlight on some of these organizations through Virtual Showcases.  

What is happening so far?

We have now hosted eight Virtual Showcase sessions with 946 registrations. Many participants have returned over and over to explore and share their tips and stories, while others volunteered to be our next guest presenters. We grew and built a community that would gather around to share, connect and inspire each other during facilitated discussions and demonstrations. We also developed resource collections around each topic we discussed (presentations, video recordings and tips/links shared by others) that you can access via the past sessions menu on the website

I found that the speakers had great tools to use and that the sharing of those tools was great! There is a vast amount of knowledge out there and to be able to listen to how people are using the various apps/tools was very informative. Knowing the different organizations that are working with this kind of education to help individuals and having the ability to connect with them is great! 

What is happening next?

As we return to in person services, your needs and our services are evolving again. We all are more tech savvy, and many programs are planning to use blended learning and hybrid models in their practice. We noticed that some of you prefer more frequent and informal settings to connect (like our Community Gabfests) while others look forward to the future showcases. We are excited but wonder, what would you like to explore in the future showcases? 

Click here to share with us what would be helpful. How can we inspire you next?

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