Case Notes Project – Mobilizing Practitioner Knowledge

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At AlphaPlus, we use case notes to record our coaching experiences. Each AlphaPlus coach has developed his or her own system of keeping records. We decided that a guide on writing effective case notes for digital literacy training services would better support our work as coaches. We hoped that our guide and our record of how we developed it might be useful to others working in LBS in enhancing their own system of sharing information through case notes.
Our main finding was that, while case notes on their own are not a solution to the dilemmas in our work and we had not learned anything that would help LBS practitioners streamline their data collection process or make it less time-consuming, we were very excited about the potential for the intentional and collaborative, reflective practice model we used to enrich our understanding of how to support practitioners and how to think about integrating digital technology.
Read about our project to see how it helped us plan for 2019 and beyond.



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