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DownloadHelper (Free!)

When it comes to your organization’s technical know how, we can help you catch up, keep up, or stay ahead of the pack.

Whether you apply technologies at the beginner, intermediate, or advanced level, we want to help you adopt a range of tools that suit your needs.

That’s why this month we’re giving a Gold Star Recommendation to DownloadHelper.

What Is It?

Dubbed the most complete tool to extract and save online videos and image files, DownloadHelper is a free web-browser extension tool that is compatible with Firefox and Chrome.

Using the main add-on feature you can download Web videos to your computer or device and play them later off-line. With this tool teachers can carry on with in-class videos and presentations when Internet connections are poor or unavailable.

To learn more about DownloadHelper, contact one of our AlphaPlus Technology Consultants.



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