Learning with Technology: Lesson Plan and Skills Assessment

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In a recent technology coaching session with LBS program staff, technology consultant Matthias Sturm worked with a client to create a lesson plan and digital skills assessment tool.

The lesson plan and online tool were designed to provide learning opportunities while building the digital and self-efficacy skills needed to complete online forms like assessments and surveys. Take a look at our implementation of this tool.

The Need

  • Create an online tool that collects information from learners about their use of digital tools and resources, their online learning preferences, and other data to inform program planning.

The Tool

  • We developed a lesson plan that helps learners use online surveys and learn about assessment tools and how to complete similar forms independently.
  • The surveys created in SurveyMonkey and Google Forms used common web-based features often found in other online surveys and fillable forms including: radio buttons, short answer, comment fields and the like.

Impact and Outcome

  • Prepare learners to complete the online surveys using blended learning activities.
  • Learning activities were (and can be) scaled to meet the ability and skills of learners.
  • Results can be reviewed individually with each learner or collectively during a group activity, to inform planning for future activities.

Educators can adapt the lesson plan to prepare learners to use online surveys to build the confidence and skills needed to complete work independently. What’s more, the lesson plan integrates customizable surveys in French and English.
For more information about this tool check out our Tech Tuesday webinar archive, or contact Matthias Sturm.



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