Literacy education’s future: AI, accessibility and other ways forward

Recent digital transformations have shifted our approach from promoting the idea of integrating digital technology to collaborating with educators in…

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Unraveling your program’s technology challenges with support from an AlphaPlus coach

Coaching Story: Niagara West Adult Learning Centre

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Our Spring technology coaching intake is underway!

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Finding the right technology solution for hybrid delivery

Custom Solution Story: Literacy Network of Durham Region

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A new resource hub for literacy instructors and program administrators

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New microsite to support digital inclusion

The Digital Inclusion Playbook is filled with ideas, information and resources you can use to support local digital inclusion efforts.


In-person is the core of adult digital learning

The report highlights the importance of digital skills and digital literacy and four areas of opportunity and potential action.

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Exploring new opportunities to support an altered adult literacy sector

AlphaPlus is here to support our sector’s most promising innovations as we move forward together.

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What do we mean by digital literacy development opportunities?

We describe the actionable consequences of an equitable, sustainable and effective adult learning system.


Moving technology obstacles out of the way for adult literacy organizations

Coaching Story: Metro Toronto Movement for Literacy (MTML)

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2020 in Review: Top 10 Items We Covered in Coaching

Coaching Story: Year in Review - 2020

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