Community Gabfests

Conversations. Come to one.
Come to the series.
But, always, come as you are.

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Are you looking for more opportunities to connect with and learn from other educators?

Engage in real talk about literacy matters

We created Community Gabfests so you can meet with literacy educators in an informal setting to discuss the topics that matter most to you.  Community Gabfests are relaxed, open and deep conversations. 

As we talk with other educators, we see our work with fresh eyes and validate our experiences. Gabfests are a powerful way to renew our energy, purpose, and excitement about our profession. 

As one participant said:

This isn’t gab, this is real talk.

Online gathering: Drop in as you can

Come to one. Come to the series. But always, come as you are.

Community Gabfests are 2-hour Zoom gatherings that happen once a month. Participants pop in and out as they are able. Depending on the topic and how the conversation is going a gabfest can include a short presentation, sharing resources, whole group discussions and sometimes smaller group conversations in break out rooms. 

Join us in a place where conversation and serendipity collide to spark creativity and energy

We set topics in advance but if a need crops up, we have the flexibility to change our plans and go with the flow determined by the participants.

“It is wonderful to have candid discussions with such an experienced group. The interaction of long-time practitioners and newer ones allows us to build on old and new ideas.”

— Gabfest participant

Become part of our Gabfest community. Join us as we chat, vent, brainstorm, etc., about this work that we love.

Community Gabfests — A place where conversation and serendipity collide to spark creativity and energy.

Explore the The Community Gabfest Collection to see what our community is talking about.

It was a place where people could share their ideas, issues and challenges and share solutions too if needed. You also got the chance to meet people that were outside of your immediate region and you had the opportunity to expand your network. There are really great people and agencies out there doing really great work for the community. It was nice to see just beyond your own agency or region.

Community Gabfest participant

It was nice to learn about different experiences from literacy practitioners. The environment was safe and cordial to talk about your experiences with learners. The semi-facilitated format is nice and let’s our conversation flow naturally

Community Gabfest participant

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