Digital Opportunities and Barriers for Ontario’s Disconnected Adults

Wondering what the research says about equitable digital access and learning opportunities for the adults we work with?

AlphaPlus recently completed a comprehensive report focused on equitable access to technology for all Ontarians. During the webinar, Christine Pinsent-Johnson, one of the authors of the report, shared some highlights and a few takeaways that programs may find useful as they develop their own digital literacy workshops, courses and overall strategies.

Topics include

  • Highlights of Ontario’s new digital transformation initiative
  • An overview of who is digitally disconnected and why
  • A comprehensive way to look at access that goes beyond connectivity and owning a device
  • Examples of innovative programs and initiatives in Ontario and beyond
  • Some considerations when developing initiatives that appeal to digitally disconnected and hesitant adults
  • Potential barriers and opportunities LBS programs.


Language: English

Digital Opportunities Review

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