Literacy education’s future: AI, accessibility and other ways forward

Recent digital transformations have shifted our approach from promoting the idea of integrating digital technology to collaborating with educators in…

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Finding the right technology solution for hybrid delivery

Custom Solution Story: Literacy Network of Durham Region

Case Studies

Teaching in the “new normal”: What support do you need?

As you grapple with the challenges of the “new normal,” remember that AlphaPlus is here to help.

Leadership Letters

Questioning our ideas about inclusion – and asking for your input

As we work toward creating sector-wide change, we’d like to learn from you, our peers in the adult literacy sector.

Leadership Letters

The Sudden Shift to Remote Delivery in LBS

An AlphaPlus report about adult literacy education during COVID-19 shutdowns highlights ongoing inequities created by digital divides.



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Statement from a national network of organizations, people and researchers concerned about adult literacy in Canada

We can support people to participate in society and the economy. With leadership at the federal level leading to policy,…


As I was saying… thoughts on adult literacy and training policy

Brigid Hayes, a former policy advisor in the federal government\'s National Literacy Secretariat (1998-2005) has a blog on adult literacy…


POLICY PROBLEMS The (mis)use of an international literacy test in Ontario’s literacy system

Christine’s blog dives into important topics like how the International Adult Literacy Surveys (IALS), and The Program for the International…