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NEW! E-Learning on the Goal Paths
Our latest e-bulletin, titled E-Learning on the Goal Paths, is focused on activities that instructors and learners can use to find information about each of the goal paths, and to work on digital skills and building computer self-efficacy. We know, that finding resources from which instructors can build digital learning and practice activities in each of the Ontario Adult Literacy Curriculum Framework (OALCF) goal paths can be very time-consuming. To help you save some time we have used a Live Binder – essentially a “three-ring binder on the web” – that functions as a web-based repository of live links that we have organized by goal path.

Featured technology

Padlet – a virtual wall
Formerly Wallwisher, Padlet is a free application you can use to create an online bulletin board (think of it as a virtual wall or corkboard) to display information on any topic. With a few clicks you can quickly add text, images, links, videos, files, and see in real time what others are posting. It can be used by educators for classroom notices, discussions or collaborative boards; to set up activities (for example, math or vocabulary games); to share links; or to collect feedback. Students can use Padlet to post their thoughts on specific topics, connect with their classmates, make lists, share links and resources, plan events, set up calendars or even to collaborate on activities and projects.

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