Archive: Use Chromium OS Conversion Pilot Project to give your old laptops new life!

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Chromium OS is the open-source development version of Chrome OS, a Google operating system (OS) that Chromebooks use. An entirely free OS, Chromium converts PC computers and laptops into state-of-the-art CloudReady devices that work much like Chromebooks. That means outdated computer systems can be retooled with Chromium OS, including powerful Google Apps and tools.
Accompanied by a full suite of free Google Apps for Education, it gives learners, teachers and program administrators access to inexpensive and sustainable cloud-based digital tools and software without the added cost of new hardware. Chromium OS is an easy-to-navigate operating system that avails of Google Apps like Google Drive, Google Docs, Gmail and Hangouts with a one-time simple login.
Due to overwhelming response to our Chromium OS Conversion Pilot Project, only a few spots remain for adult education service providers to participate.
Get on the waiting list
For those wishing to participate at a later time, please contact Alan Cherwinski, Executive Director, at to be added to the waiting list.
To learn more, click here
For more information or to sign up, contact Alan Cherwinski at



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