Results from survey: AlphaPlus adapting to educator priorities

Read more about the priorities and needs of literacy educators based on a recent survey.

Leadership Letters

Literacy education’s future: AI, accessibility and other ways forward

Recent digital transformations have shifted our approach from promoting the idea of integrating digital technology to collaborating with educators in…

Leadership Letters

Two more OER topics are now available!

We recently added numerous ready-to-use instructional activities to our open educational resources library.


Applying the Google Toolbox

A series of workshops to apply what we learned in the Building digital skills with Google series.


What do we mean by digital literacy development opportunities?

We describe the actionable consequences of an equitable, sustainable and effective adult learning system.



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The Educator Network at MTML: The Silver Linings Café

Educator Network Story: Metro Toronto Movement for Literacy (MTML)

Case Studies

Migrating from a computer lab to in-class iPads

Coaching Story: Pathways to Possibility (PTP)

Case Studies

Featured Tech – Microsoft Teams: Business vs. Education

The Education edition is tailor-made for education settings and includes Classes and Class Teams as well as an additional notebook…


Useful apps for remote learning offline

To help learners and programs transition to an online-only delivery model, we reviewed our Useful Apps list to find ones…


Two ways to use mobile phone photos in the classroom

Rather than resist the smartphone phenomenon, try using activities that incorporate mobile phones and devices to create great learning experiences.


See what’s new in our Useful Apps List

The updated list now includes more Android apps and gives users the option to browse the Useful Apps List by…