Two ways to use mobile phone photos in the classroom

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Smartphones are everywhere. Restaurants, office, conferences and meeting rooms. So why do some try so hard to keep them out of the classroom? Rather than resist the smartphone phenomenon, try using activities that incorporate mobile phones and devices to create great learning experiences. And what better way to start that than by using photos to boost technology learning in the classroom? In this edition, we’re sharing two tips from the Tekhnologic article “Seven Ideas for Using Mobile Phones in the Classroom.”

Activity 1: Ask a student to introduce a photo. The students can work in pairs, in groups or as a class. One student introduces the photo and the other students ask followup questions. What? Where? When? Who? Why? How? While the students are talking, take notes of useful phrases and words for feedback afterwards.

Activity 2: Separate the students into groups of four or five and ask one student to come to the front and photograph an example dialogue. The student goes back to their group and reads the dialogue from their phone while the other members of the group write the dialogue down. The students who are listening can use checking language, for example, asking how a word is spelled. In effect, the students are introducing the conversation to themselves, giving you time to monitor and listen for any difficulties.

We’ll be sharing more tips in the next newsletter edition. Until then, reach out and let us know how you’re using mobile phones in your classroom.



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